2018 Tournament


Date: Saturday August 25th, 2018 will be the 5th annual VCSL tournament.
Start Time: First games of round robin play will kick off at 10am sharp.  Please be at the fields early to warm up and get ready.
Venue: Burnaby Westlake Complex Fields 1, 2, 3

This year we'll start the tournament off with round robin play in the morning.  The results of round robin play will place teams into single elimination rounds for the afternoon.  Games will be our usual format of 11 a side, full field.

Round Robin Format

In the morning round robin, teams will play 30 minute games.  There will be no half time in the round robin games.  Points will be awarded as follows:
  • Win - 3 points
  • Draw - 1 point
  • Lose - 0 points
Ties in points at the end of round robin play will be resolved as follows:
  1. Goal Differential
  2. More Games Won
  3. Winner of Game Between two Tied Teams
  4. Least cards accumlated
  5. Penalty Kicks (best of 3 then Sudden Death) to be held before lunch
Round robin seeding was chosen at random with the random name picker wheel - https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/

Round Robin Seeding
Team 1IBM
Team 3HSBC
Team 4Make FC
Team 5City of Vancouver 
Team 6Pivotal

Single Elimination

The single elimination rounds begin after lunch.  In the event of a draw at the end of the game, teams will go to penalty kicks.  Penalty kicks will be the same as the group round with a best of 3, then sudden death.

Knock out games will be 40 minutes of playing time with a 5 minute half time.  Teams will change sides at the half time.

Round 2 Wildcard
Since 3 teams would be knocked out in the first round there will be a wildcard spot to allow a team to re-enter the second round of knock-out.  The wildcard spot will be awarded in the following way:
  1. Team with the least accumulation of points related to cards.  Yellow cards will count as 2 points and red cards count as 5 points.  2 yellow cards accumulated to a red will count as 5 points.
  2. Team with the highest ranking from round robin play.  For instance if teams ranked 1, 3 and 5 win the first round of single elimination then the team ranked 2nd in the round robin will get the opportunity to play in the second knockout round.  This wildcard spot should make the 2nd round a bit more interesting.

Tournament Rules

  1. Yellow Cards - If a player receives a yellow card in tournament play, they must leave the field and aren't allowed back in for 10 minutes.  Another player may be subbed in to cover the players spot.  If a second yellow is received in the same game then the player gets a red card and must leave the field.  The team will continue to play down a player.
  2. Red Cards - If a player receives a red card, he/she must leave the field and will automatically miss the next match in the tournament.  If the player receives a direct red card for violence, dangerous play or any serious aggressive offence, the player will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the tournament.
  3. Slide Tackles - As with regular season play, there will be no slide tackles allowed although slides and going to ground away from other players is allowed.  It is the referees discretion to make the call on close slides that may look like a slide tackle.
  4. Substitutions - Substitutions will only be allowed on the whistle when the referee agrees.  Teams can make unlimited substitutions during a game
  5. Shin Guards - Shin guards are MANDATORY and are a Burnaby Parks rule.  If you don't have shin guards the referee will not let you play.
  6. The tournament will follow the VCSL rules as stated on the website.  www.vcsl.ca/rules.
  7. Any verbal abuse or violence will not be tolerated and those players will be asked to leave the field and at the organizers discretion, the remainder of the tournament.
  8. Games start at the time indicated.  Be at your field and be ready.  We're on a tight schedule so games can't get delayed.  The refs will kick off the game whether you are ready or not.
  9. Refs must be obeyed at all times during gameplay.
  10. NO ALCOHOL whatsoever at the tournament.  We could get completely shut down if anyone is caught drinking.  If you or your fans are found drinking your team won't be invited back to the VCSL next year.
  11. No sunflower seeds, peanuts or pistachios.  This is a Burnaby field rule.  It makes a mess of the benches and fields so they are banned.
  12. Team captains are responsible for each of your players behavior - please lets keep it friendly.
  13. Although this is a tournament, the goal is for everyone to have fun.  Let's all be sportsmanlike and keep with the spirit of a gentleman's league.


At the end of the tournament we will be presenting 4 awards:
Most Sportsmanlike Team Award - The most sportsmanlike team will be awarded to the team with the most sportsman points:
  1. Each team begins the tournament with 0 points
  2. At the end of the tournament, each referee & team captain will nominate the team they felt was most sportsmanlike.  Each nomination will result in 3 points awarded to the team
  3. Each yellow card will be a deduction of 2 points.  Each red card will be a deduction of 5 points.  Yellow card accumulation resulting in a red will be counted as an 5 point deduction.
Tournament MVP - At the end of each game the referee and team captain will each be asked to record the game MVP.  Each game the referee will only pick one game MVP from either team, while each captain will choose an MVP from the opposing team.  The player with the most MVP votes will win the MVP award at the end of the tournament.  The referee will record this on his scorecard.
Golden Boot - At the end of the tournament the player with the most goals scored wins the VCSL Golden Boot.
Tournament Champions - This award goes to the winning team, the grand poobahs of the VCSL tournament.