Burnaby Central Secondary

Field Information: Brand new field.  No nets so you will need to bring your own.  Field has lines for both Football and Soccer so line colours are not what you'd expect.  Field is excellent though.  Plays a bit fast when wet, but is one of the best fields we play on.

Parking: Access the school parking lot off Deer Lake Parkway

Lighting: Lighting box is at the base of the North East light post.  There is a lock box with a button to turn on the lights inside.

Burnaby North Secondary School

Field Information: Relatively new field, probably only a couple years old.  Line markings for soccer and football.  No nets so you need to bring your own.  No covered area for rainy days so bring a tarp to cover your gear.

Parking: Parking lot is accessible off Fell Ave off Hastings St.

Lighting: Light box is near the Red Building at the north end of the parking lot. You will require a key to activate the lights.  Contact Barry for lighting key.

Burnaby Lake Sports Complex - West

Field Information: There are 5 fields at the Burnaby Westlake complex.  The fields allocated to VCSL games are the following:
  • Field 1 - Field furthest to the West.  Brand new field installed within the last 2 years.  Has line markings for both football and soccer.
  • Field 2 - Field furthest to the North.  This is the only field at the complex that hasn't been replaced yet.
  • Field 4 - This is one of the lower fields to the east off Joe Sakic Way.  The one closest to the parking lot.  This is a brand new field that was installed within the last 2 years.

Parking: For field 1 use the parking lot off Norland Ave next to Canlan (8 rinks).  For Field 2 and 4 it is best to use the parking lot off Joe Sakic Way.

Lighting: Lighting is controlled by the complex staff and should come on automatically.  If there are issues with the lights go to the building next to Field #3 and ask for the lights to be turned on.  Nets are already provided by the complex.

Byrne Creek Secondary School

Field Information: I've never played on this field.  Email me if you have information.

Parking: Parking is accessible off 10th Ave.  If this lot is full there is another lot on the other side of the school.

Lighting: ?