Rules & Regulations

Base Rules

All games are to be played under the recognized FIFA Laws of the Game, which can be found at

In addition to these rules, and sometimes overriding the FIFA rules the VCSL follows a few extra rules tailored to suit the recreational nature of our league:
- No dangerous plays.  This is a semi-competitive league but the real goal is to have fun.  We don't want players getting injured.
- Swearing, threatening and unsportsmanlike conduct has no place in the league.  Offender will be asked to leave and will be banned from playing in the league.  We're here to have a good time.  Don't embarrass your team and your company.  Treat the other team like you'd treat a client.
- No slide tackles against other players.  You may slide when there are no players in the immediate area. Any slide tackle against another player will be called as a foul.
- No high kicks (ninja kicks).  Most of us aren't ninjas, i've seen a few too many kicks to the face.  Be aware of your surroundings and don't be afraid to head the ball.
- Team captains are responsible for their team conduct.  It is up to the captains to keep the games competitive but friendly.
- Subs are all done on the whistle at the discretion of the referee.  Teams must ask the ref for a sub and wait until the ref gives the ok to make a subsitution
- Even Gameplay Rule (mercy rule) - A team that is winning by a 5 or more goal differential must drop one player until such time that there is less than a 5 goal differential.  At this point the teams return to even strength


  1. At the 2014 captains meeting we unanimously decided we would have referees for the 2015 season.  This was a tough decision as it will be a significant change for the league and will increase fees to about double.  We all felt it was a good move to make though.  This will ensure games kick off on time and that more fair calls are made.  Hopefully this will put an end to much of the bickering that can happen during games.
    1. Captain Responsibilities - Before the game starts, the team captain must introduce themselves to the ref and the other team captain.  This way everyone is clear who is captain in control and who speaks to the referee in the event of disputed calls.  Before kick-off it must be decided if subs will be on the fly during play, or only at stoppages.
    2. Kickoff Time - Refs will kick off the game at 15 minutes past the hour.  For a 6pm scheduled game, kickoff will be at 6:15.  Be sure your team makes it on time or you will start short players.
    3. Yellow Cards - Refs can and will give cards.  If you get a yellow, you are sent off for 10 minutes.  Your team can replace you with sub.  2 Yellow cards and you get a red card.
    4. Red Card - Red card means you are out for the remainder of the game and your team plays down a player.
    5. Shinguards - All players must wear shinguards.  This is actually a Burnaby field rule and will now be enforced by the refs.  Shinguards are an important piece of safety equipment and can save you from injury.  You MUST wear them or you can't play
    6. Card Tracking - Captains must provide the name of the player who received the card when the referee asks.  We will be recording cards against teams for the season and using the count to determine the most sportsmanlike teams.
    7. Jerseys - Everyone on the team must wear the same colour.  You don't have to have matching jerseys, but Refs will want everyone wearing the same colour at the very least.

Co-Ed Teams

It is encouraged that all teams involve female players whenever they can, but the VCSL doesn't force teams to play female players.  It seems most teams agree it's very difficult to get women out to play.  Referees have been instructed to give less leeway when fouls / rough plays are against female players.  We want to strike a balance where female players can play a tough game but at the same time are protected from unnecessary rough plays.  We want everyone to have a good game first and foremost.  

We used to use a rule where a team with no female players would drop players against teams with 2 or more female players.  At the captains meeting we decided to drop this rule for the time being now that we have referees.  We will re-instate it if necessary though.