2014 Tournament

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Tournament Results

August 23rd, 2014 will be the 2nd annual VCSL tournament.  The format of the tournament has teams randomly drawn against one another to play 4 round robin games.  Teams will gather points in the round robin stage to set them up for the finals where the 1st place team will play against the 2nd place team, 3rd place team will play against the 4th place team and 5th place team will play against the 6th place team to sort out the final standings.

Venue: Burnaby Westlake Complex Fields 1, 3, 4

Start Time: 10am (Be there early to warm up.  Games start on time)


Round Robin Games : Will be 2 x 15 minutes halves with a 5 minute halftime. There will be a 15 minute break between games.
Finals games will be 2 x 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

Scoring and Tie-breakers:
3 Points for a win
1 Point for a draw
0 Points for a loss

In the event of a draw after round robin play, the winning team will be chosen based on goal differential.  If goal differential is the same the winning team will be chosed based on higher number of goals scored.  If there is still a tie at this point the teams will have a 5 round shootout to determine with sudden death after 5 rounds to determine the winner.

Although hopefully not necessary, referees will be allowed to hand out cards to players who commit serious infractions:
Yellow Card - Player is sent off and can't participate in the rest of the game.  Team will remain at full strength and the player can return to the next game.
Red Card - Player is sent off and can't participate in the rest of the game.  Team remains down a player for the remainder of the game.  Player will miss the one following game even if it is the final.

At the end of the tournament we will select a tournament MVP.  To do this we will have the team captain for each team vote on who they think the MVP is from the opposing team after each game.  These votes will be tallied up at the end of the tournament to select an MVP.  The MVP will be announced at the end of the tournament and will have their photo taken and posted on the website.

Tournament Rules:
  1. The tournament will follow the VCSL rules as stated on the website.  With the exception of the self reffing rules since we have refs.  http://www.vcsl.ca/rules.
  2. Any verbal abuse or violence will not be tolerated and those players will be asked to leave the field and at the organizers discretion, the remainder of the tournament.
  3. Games start at the time indicated.  Be at your field and be ready.  We're on a tight schedule so games can't get delayed.  The refs will kick off the game whether you are ready or not.
  4. Refs must be obeyed at all times during gameplay.
  5. NO ALCOHOL whatsoever at the tournament.  We could get completely shut down if anyone is caught drinking.  If you or your fans are found drinking your team won't be invited back to the VCSL next year.
  6. No sunflower seeds, peanuts or pistachios.  This is a Burnaby field rule.  It makes a mess of the benches and fields so they are banned.
  7. Team captains are responsible for each of your players behavior - please lets keep it friendly.
  8. Although this is a tournament, the goal is for everyone to have fun.  Let's all be sportsmanlike and keep with the spirit of a gentlemans league.

There is no break for lunch but all teams seem to have at least an hour break at some point around the lunch hour.  There is a concession run by Burnaby Parks where you can buy lunch.